Our Approach

Our holistic approach is founded on digital strategy and design thinking, and grounded in our genuine appreciation for the creative power of people.

Behind every business problem, there’s a real person wrestling with a challenge. As a team of passionate, human-centered technologists, we saw a way to help people meet their greatest business challenges using simple, powerful frameworks originally created for the digital world: Design thinking and the Agile principles. When we used these models on our own business challenges, they worked. Problem after problem, time and time again. 

So, we created a different kind of consultancy: One focused on applying proactive, intentional problem-solving methods, simplifying the complex, and keeping the human experience at the heart of our work. 

The result is a unique approach to product and talent consulting that puts people first to build success that lasts—and adapts. 

Emphasize with every partner

Empathize with Every Partner

Empathy is one of our greatest strengths. We believe the best way to help our partners is to see the situation through your eyes from the beginning, and throughout every step of the process. That’s why we listen more than we talk, getting to know you, your business, and the challenge at hand. Then we listen deeper, prioritizing the experience of each individual in the process. 

Solve the greatest pain

Solve the Greatest Pain

We help you identify and address your most painful business problems: From the biggest or most important challenges you face to the ones causing the most strain on your team’s ability to come together and create meaningful positive change. Once we name a problem, we strategically develop and apply solutions until it’s fully resolved. Then we move on to the next pain point on your list. 

Turn problems into stories

Turn Problems into Stories

Inspired by Agile product development, we use “user stories” to break down problems and processes into distinct stages that can be analyzed then tested. This helps us understand every challenge as a holistic journey from current state to ideal result. 

prototype and test tirelessly

Prototype & Test Tirelessly

Putting a solution to work starts with proving that it does work, measurably and reliably. So, we test everything from new processes, programs, and products to creative ways of employing or combining technologies. Then we test it again. 

inspire daring, every day

Inspire Daring, Every Day

We empower our partners to put this approach and attitude—of daring to question, experiment, and create solutions to everyday challenges—into practice throughout their professional (and even personal) lives. Because the world needs more fearless problem-solvers. 

Ready to activate your potential?

Our Values

Our shared values drive all that we do, including how we approach our work and our partnerships and how we treat our people.

These are the rules we live by:

We serve people first.

Human-to-human experiences are at the heart of all we do. We insist on finding solutions that work for people, rather than the other way around.

We are partners.

We take trust seriously. We are honest, and we always put our partners’ success first.

We invest in our relationships.

We partner from a place of integrity, respect, and collaboration, and we expect the same in return.

We go the extra mile. Then we go further.

We would not exist if not for the trusted partnership of our clients and our colleagues. Exceeding their expectations is our first expectation. 

We empower great teams by helping our people thrive.

A company that’s breaking barriers and exceeding goals is powered by appreciated team members who are happy to grow with us. 

We are stewards of good.

Our communities and the environment need and deserve our support. We do our part to create a positive impact.

We think systematically.

Design thinking and Agile principles inspire our work, and we use this dynamic model to create uniquely successful solutions for our partners.

We are flexible.

We manage our work in a way that helps our partners focus on theirs. We are responsive, proactive, patient, and we make ourselves available.

How can we help you grow?



hiring managers

Hiring Managers




Finding a role that reflects your valuable skills and your values is a worthy challenge. We help you meet it, by taking the time to learn who you are as well as what you can do. 

Are your professional strengths and personality better served by an established organization or an evolving startup? Would you rather pick up the phone, or fire off an email or chat? What do you want to do more of in your next role? What would you rather do less? 

Discover how O1P’s intuitive, human-centered recruiting approach can lead you to your best opportunity yet. 


We have a portfolio full of opportunities in technology, digital/IT strategy, and beyond that need serious talent now.

Are you ready to grow?

Hiring Managers

Building powerful teams is about so much more than matching roles with resumes. Our human-centered, data-driven talent-sourcing process is built on design thinking and powered by experienced recruiters, subject matter experts, and, most importantly, you and your hiring team. 

We think outside the checkbox to help you find (and attract) standout team members who will become part of your company’s ongoing success as well as your everyday culture. 

Growing your team? Make us your first hire. We’ll make you our top priority. 


See how O1P uses our Activate / Integrate / Elevate framework to deliver only our best work and your best hires.


Your company matters. We want our work together to matter, too. That’s why we do “consultancy” differently. By combining our strengths in business and product strategy, Agile consulting, talent-sourcing, application development, data analytics, and more, we deliver holistic enterprise solutions at speed, at scale, and with impact. 

Whatever your challenge—from building your team, to supporting full growth- mode, to creating a custom application that delivers a better product experience for every customer—we’re hands-on and all-in. 

Together, we’ll help you realize your potential—then redefine the finish line. 


There are many ways to transform your business, from small shifts with big impact to sweeping, strategic sea-changes.Whatever your vision, we’ll help you find the people and solutions to bring it to life.