Leadership Series – Reinventing Yourself in Your Career featuring David McDonald

Check out David McDonald’s talk Reinventing Yourself in Your Career January 21st, 2021 David McDonald is an accomplished and insightful product management leader with over 20-years of experience leading product vision, execution, and strategy development processes to identify and create software and services that support growth opportunities within an organization. Some topics include: Shiny Shoes […]

Leadership Series – Leading Humans, Not Robots featuring Tracey Marshall

Check out Tracey Marshall’s talk Leading Humans: Not Robots October 15th, 2020 Tracey Marshall, VP of Technical Program Management for 22 Squared, has spent her career leading software engineering teams to great success.  Some of her most noted accomplishments are that of scaling talented cross-functional development teams to the next level, which includes a Facebook […]

The 3 Levels of Change Implementation for an Agile Coach

The Three Level Process of Change-Implementation 1. Planning of Change – what we want to change and why (remember metrics, as well as the reasons why we’re doing Agile). The desire of the leadership is to bring about change as effectively as possible. A measure of effective change is that things remain stable. While there is some value […]